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Sunday or Sabbath?

Sunday or Sabbath?

A Reflection on Sunday

Since the beginning of my creation, I haven’t known many missed Sunday’s. Every Sunday morning, typically because of the threat of my mother or the guilt of condemnation from God, I was in a church somewhere.

This was helpful in many ways. 

It was also misleading.

It is common knowledge that younger folks don’t go to church. As independence arrives and adulthood makes itself known, many have decided to use their Sunday differently. They call it “#SundayFunday”

Does this matter? Yes.

Today felt like a regular day for me. It’s a Sunday, but I worked most of it with two photoshoots. I shot a wedding and worked 12 hours including travel the previous day. 

The fatigue that hit my body seems oddly familiar. It reminds me of Sunday’s after preaching or celebrating. Was that a workday?  Pastoring?

My thought is: Maybe we should focus on Sabbath more than Sunday. 

Sunday is the day the culture has identified as Sabbath. Some would also argue it’s Saturday. For many Pastors it is Monday. (Unless your bi-vocational job is Full time, which means you don’t have a Sabbath, which is something our larger churches need to be aware of and funnel resources to. A topic to be discussed later.) 

Whatever the day, when does rest happen for you? What does it look like? 

Maybe we should talk more about Sabbath and less about Sunday.

Instead of asking what should we do to get young folks into the church, maybe we should ask what we should do to ensure their Sabbath! How are they resting? 

How are our places of worship a refuge? 

A place of peace with the Prince Of Peace? 

Rest looks different for different people. For my wife it’s baking. For me it is reading. For you it may be shouting. Regardless of what rest is, I encourage you to find it.

Whether that is blasting J Cole on Sunday, a definite no-no of my youth, or washing the clothes, a definite no-no of my wife’s youth... we need to think about Sunday seriously. 

Check out this resource on Sabbath: The ie=UTF8&qid=1552861391&sr=8-2

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