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Poetry: Singing with our eyes closed

As I sing with my eyes closed

and hear the voice of my sister

whom I do not know;

my deep voice the foundation

to her lighter and beautiful harmony

Praise God from whom….

I reach over and say “you have a beautiful voice..,”

which comforts my heart with eyes closed.

All Blessings flow…

She says “As do you” and moments later,

reaches over and hugs me…

Praise him all creatures here below…

A capella

Voices holding each other filling the room

This must be what Heaven is like…unity….

She holds me and I hold her as we harmonize through this hymn of praise…

Praise him above the Heavenly host…

Women have such an important place in the space of faith

Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost…

She hugged me like a mother, like a sister.

I needed that touch and I’m thankful she wasn’t a brother.


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